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TSA BGC of Wilson

TSA BGC of Wilson

The North Carolina Area Council is part of an important and powerful force in the Boys & Girls Club Movement. The Council provides the chief medium for securing and maintaining the interest and active participation of board volunteers in national and regional Boys & Girls Club affairs. The Area Council is frequently the channel through which ideas, suggestions and proposals flow to the National Council. Conversely, our Area Council is often called upon to implement the programs and initiatives needed to expand the philosophy and aims of Clubs nationwide.

Provision for establishment of Area Councils was adopted by the National Council in 1944. Since that time, they have been organized in nearly every state where Boys & Girls Clubs are located. Currently, there are 51 Area Councils, representing board volunteers from over 4,300 Boys & Girls Clubs. The National Board of Governors of Boys & Girls Clubs of America officially establishes an Area Council, designating the area in which it will function and the Clubs in that area eligible for membership. Member Clubs are represented at Area Council activities by board volunteers and their Chief Professional Officer. Each Boys & Girls Club organization should appoint a board volunteer as an Area Council Liaison, whose responsibility is to keep his/her Club aware of and involved in Area Council activities.

The North Carolina Area Council is not an incorporated entity. It is lead by an Area Council Chair and Executive Secretary assigned by an elected member organization for a two-year term.

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Area Council Events

North Carolina Youth of the Year Celebration

Every March or April, the Youth of the Year from each Club organization come together for a two-day event that celebrates their achievements and conducts a process to select the North Carolina Youth of the Year. The North Carolina Area Council provides scholarships to the state winner, who then goes on to compete in the Southeast Youth of the Year event held every summer. The NC Youth of the Year serves as an ambassador for the Club members in our state and speaks at several statewide events during the year.

North Carolina All-Staff Training

In the Spring of each year, nearly 200 full-time and part-time Club personnel benefit from this training event held in various locations across the state. The training includes workshops on Boys & Girls Clubs of America programs, child safety, health and fitness, facility management, stress relief, first aid, career development, etc. It is also an ideal opportunity for Club staff to share ideas and concerns, while having some fun together.

North Carolina Area Council Leadership Conference

Nearly 200 chief volunteer officers, board members and chief professional officers gather in October to attend this two-day meeting that serves as forum for sharing ideas and updates on issues that impact Boys & Girls Clubs. This event also provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding Club programs and board volunteers in our state.

Cluster Trainings

Throughout the year, the North Carolina Area Council sponsors cluster trainings in the eastern and western areas of the state on topics selected by the leaders of our Boys & Girls Clubs. These trainings are designed to strengthen Club organizations through additional education for board and staff members.