Formula For Impact

formula for impactBoys & Girls Clubs of America has developed a Formula for Impact, a research-based theory of change that describes how individual Clubs and the Movement as a whole will increase our impact – exponentially – on the young people of America. Each element of our Formula for Impact incorporates research into the ways that young people grow and thrive, as well as analysis of the best practices and traditions of highly effective Clubs.

The Formula begins with the young people in Clubs. It calls for Clubs to consistently provide the most powerful Club Experience possible – by implementing the Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development, offering high-yield activities, providing targeted programs and encouraging regular attendance – all of which we know help youth achieve priority outcomes. Then, because attending the Club more frequently and over a greater length of time makes young people even more likely to achieve positive outcomes; we must also pursue strategies to increase attendance, program participation and member retention.

The Formula also calls for continual measurement and assessment – of Club programs and services, of the implementation of best practices and, most importantly, of youth outcomes – at both the Club level and on a national basis. Clubs must begin to measure the same things: a set of indicators developed, based on research, to tell us how effectively we’re implementing the Club Experience and to assess members’ progress, at various ages, toward our priority outcomes. Based on the data that these measurement efforts generate, Clubs will refine and enhance their offerings. They will also share this data with BGCA, so that we can create a meaningful picture of the Movement’s national impact and identify ways in which we can continue to increase our impact.

For more details on the Formula For Impact, please watch the video.


Alumni Facts

  • 67% of Club alumni attribute their ability to avoid difficulty with the law to the influence of the Club staff.
  • 28% of Club alumni report they would have dropped out of high school if not for the Club.
  • 51% achieved a higher level of education than they thought possible because of attending the Club.
  • 80% said that their Club experience made a positive impact on their attitude toward fitness and health with 74% participating in organized sports.
  • 34% of African-American Boys & Girls Club male alumni earned a four-year college degree, compared to the national rate of 16% (2006 Current Population Survey).

*Source: Harris Interactive 2007 Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni Survey